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CycleGo is your app to get fit and lose weight at home or the gym. If you have a spin bike ( stationary bike ) or a treadmill, you are ready to follow our bike virtual trainers and running coach to reach your goals.

CycleGo is the running and indoor cycling app you need; the sport app to achieve your goals by taking your indoor cycling and treadmill workouts to the next level.

The most motivating cycling and running classes to improve your cardio fitness.

What are you waiting for to lose weight and get fit?


Try our bike and treadmill workouts. The virtual cycling trainer and the running coach will guide you in this sport app.

Ready for effective cardio fitness to lose weight and get fit with this running & indoor cycling app?

– Select your avatar and customize it.

– Choose your sport: running or cycling ( spinning ).

– Set the level of your workout.

– Discover the running and cycling plans.

– Choose the music that motivates you the most to do the best cardio fitness.

– Disconnect and enjoy cycling ( spinning ) or running classes with the most personalized landscapes.

CycleGo is the free running app and virtual cycling app that will motivate you to take your cardio fitness workout to the next level with the run trainer ( running coach ) and bike virtual trainers. The fitness app you need to get fit and lose weight.

If you like other apps like BitGym, Volava, Rouvy, Bkool, iFit, Zwift, n2r or Peloton, CycleGo is for you.

The running and virtual cycling classes ( spinning ) are easy to follow:

1. You’ll find cycling / spinning classes and treadmill workouts to suit all levels in this sport app.

2. The cycling ( spin class ) and running classes are easy to follow (information constantly displayed on the screen).

3. Audio voice guidance: the bike virtual trainers and the run trainer ( running coach ) will guide you step by step through your spin class and treadmill workout.

4. Create your own workouts and enjoy running and indoor cycling exercises.

5. Statistics of your indoor workouts.

6. CycleGo works offline.

Cycle Go is an indoor cycling app to do virtual exercises on your spin bike ( stationary bike ).

You will enjoy the indoor cycling classes without leaving home with the bike simulator. Get the most out of your stationary bike and get fit with each spin class.

The bike simulator you need to do cardio fitness while having a good time following the bike virtual trainers.

You’ll forget you’re on a treadmill thanks to this sport app. Discover a new way of running.

The run trainer / running coach by voice will guide you step by step through treadmill workouts in this free running app.

CycleGo is the free running app – sport app you need to prepare your races ( 5k,10k. ). You’ll have no excuse to train and lose weight without leaving home on your treadmill! The running coach / run trainer will help you to achieve your goals.

CycleGo is the indoor cycling app and free running app that will motivate you to take your workout to the next level. The fitness app you need to lose weight with your treadmill and spin bike:

1. Download and use several spinning and running workouts for free

2. Access to all the virtual cycling and running classes with the PREMIUM plan and get:

– Personalized cycling ( spinning ) and running plans: prepare for your races ( 5k,10k. ) with the cycling trainer and the running coach ( run trainer ).

– Statistics report in your sport.

– Unlimited access to all the customization of your workout.

You can use CycleGo with any stationary bike ( spin bike ) or treadmill from Technogym, Peloton, Bowflex, SoulCycle, NordicTrack, Schwinn, BH, Reebok, Life Fitness…

If you like other apps like BitGym, n2r, Volava, Rouvy, Bkool, iFit or Zwift you will love CycleGo!

Start using this indoor cycling app & free running app and get motivated!

Get fit and lose weight at home while having fun!

CycleGo – Indoor cycling app – Version 2023.5.0

Was ist neu � It’s update time! We’ve been busy squashing bugs and sprinkling some extra awesomeness into this version. Here’s what’s cooking: Little updates, big impact: We’ve added a few small yet mighty updates to make your app experience even better. It’s all about those little details, right? � Shiny and new: Enjoy 6 new workouts + 1 new plan Update now and let the good times roll! As always, we’re here to make your app experience a blast. Stay tuned! ?

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