– Bike sharing in nuremberg

Whether you want to go to work or explore the city by bike, cycling is healthy and unbeatably fast on distances up to five kilometers. With our modern eight-speed bikes, it’s fun, too. Just try it out!

How to rent a bike

Register once and rent a bike via app. If you have an electronic annual ticket (eTicket) you can rent a bike with this ticket as well.


There are 2.000 bikes available at 52 fixed locations and anywhere throughout the flex zone.

Https://www. vagrad. de/en/nuernberg/

How long can you reserve a nextbike

Get on your nextbike and get out into nature! – By choosing to ride a bike, we not only experience nature on an intimate level, we make an important contribution to climate protection as well. With your help, we want to further increase our efforts.

For the second time, we have joined forces with Aktion Baum. From now on, we will donate 1 EUR to Aktion Baum for every monthly tariff booked and every subsequent month in which the tariff remains active.

Aktion Baum uses this contribution to grow healthy mixed woodland seedlings, raise them and plant a new forest with them. Important work! In Germany alone, 277,000 hectares need to be reforested (source: Forest Report of the Federal Government 2021) That’s why Aktion Baum focusses their work on Germany.

At the same time, this puts our contribution within reach. With our donations we support nearby reforestation projects, for example in Warstein, at several locations in Baden-Württemberg and in Saxony.

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

– Bike sharing in nuremberg


Simply download the nextbike app and book a monthly rate. For you, this means that for only 10 Euros per month, you ride the first 30 minutes of every rental for free! (1 EUR for every subsequent 30 minutes) At the same time, you immediately support Aktion Baum – For every month your rate is active, we donate 1 EUR to the campaign. Start cycling today and help us grow a new forest!


Aktion Baum is a non-profit organization and holds to that. This means that all donations go directly to tree planting projects. The more donations we can collect together, the more trees we can plant.


Aktion Baum supports reforestation projects in Germany – true to the motto” Think globally, act locally.” Among other places, the forests are located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony.


Last year, together with 40 nextbikers we also took planting into our own hands. Using part of the donations, we helped to reforest an area in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Saxony, virtually on the doorstep of nextbike’s home in Leipzig. We want to be active here again this fall. The next nextbike planting campaign starts on November 17. In order to plant as many seedlings as possible, we need your support.


Aktion Baum is a charitable non-profit organization that is financed entirely by donations and does not generate profits. All funds received by Aktion Baum are used for the preservation and reforestation of German forests. Aktion Baum bases their work on the four pillars: research, value chain, tree planting, and education & outreach. For example, Aktion Baum also organizes scientific symposia and educational planting projects. This guarantees a holistic approach, making sure that projects are planned with foresight and crowned with long-term and sustainable success.

An interview with Lisa-Marie from Aktion Baum

Why do you work at Aktion Baum? Being able to make the world a better place is a privilege.

The environment has always been close to my heart and to be able to turn that, combined with my strengths, into a career is fulfilling. I am proud to make a contribution to the environment every day. Moreover, the work we do with our partners gives me the opportunity to leave something for future generations that I have enjoyed so much myself.

Reforestation, why is it so important? It is not the forest that needs us, we need the forest. Climate change is everywhere, and we are all responsible for our planet. That’s why it’s so important to take action now and reforest, not just plant new forests.

How long does it take to grow a tree? It is a long way from a seedling to a tree. The seedlings can only be planted after about 2 to 3 years. However, that is never a general rule. It also depends on the tree species, soil conditions and location.

Https://www. nextbike. net/en/aktion-baum/

Rental Bikes

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

Since 2018, JLU has been facilitating the environmentally friendly mobility of students with a bike rental system and networking the various campus areas even better. There are now 360 rental bikes at 17 stations. All interested parties can use the rental bike system provided by the operator nextbike – you, as a student at JLU, can even get special conditions.

The Justus Liebig University of Gießen (JLU) has expanded its bike rental system together with the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM) and the respective AStes: From now on, a total of 360 seven-speed „Ecobikes“ from the operator nextbike are available at 17 stations in the campus areas of JLU and THM as well as in the area of the Gießen train station, 300 of which are in JLU blue and 60 in THM green.

Whether blue JLU bike or green THM bike: all rental bikes can be used by JLU students, but also by all other interested parties. Those who are registered can also use the Nextbikes in all German cities (except Bremen, Nuremberg, Kiel and on Usedom).
For you as a student there are no additional costs for the first 60 minutes of each rental. You can rent up to 3 bikes at the same time and thus be on the road with your friends* at any time in an environmentally friendly way.
You pay 1,50€ for the 60 free minutes per ride with the semester fee. After 45 free minutes a tariff of 1€ per 30 minutes and a maximum of 5€ per day applies. After a break of 15 minutes you can rent a new bike with free minutes.

Prerequisite for the use is an individual registration in the nextbike system. As a student, you can use the first 60 minutes of each ride free of charge if you choose the partner JLU via your semester fee. Registered students can also use nextbikes in all German cities (except Bremen, Nuremberg, Kiel and on Usedom). On the map below you can see in which German cities you can rent Nextbikes.

The booking is possible via nextbike-App and the nextbike-hotline 030 69205046. If you are registered with nextbike, you can also use all other nextbike systems – worldwide.


As a student at JLU you will receive the special conditions after individual user registration under the special link „Campusbike“ from nextbike – the system authenticates the student status.
You can also simply register in the nextbike app.

You have to authenticate yourself at nextbike at the beginning of each new semester (15th of May or 15th of November) to continue to receive the special conditions. You will be notified by nextbike 14 days before the deadline and will receive a link to re-authenticate.


You can rent a bike via app.
Scan the QR code or enter the bike number. The frame lock on the rear wheel opens automatically.
Alternatively, you can also borrow a bike via the nextbike hotline +49 (0) 30 69205046 and transfer titles to Citavi-Projekt using this ISBN.

Up to four bikes can be borrowed simultaneously on one account.

Riding break

Selecting the parking function while a bike rental is in progress (within the nextbike App) allows you to take a break and then lock the bike outside of stations. In the app you can stop the parking function at any time, the lock opens automatically. Therefore never end the parking mode remotely.
Other users* will not have access to the bike during this time. However, the ride time continues to run as no return is made. If the free minutes quota is exceeded, a usage fee (according to the current regulations of nextbike) will be charged.

For the repeated use of 60 free minutes each, an interruption of at least 15 minutes is required for return.


A return is only possible at designated stations.
Press the small lever on the frame lock down. A signal tone indicates the return of the bike. Update your app to make sure that the rental has ended. Check the map to see where you can return bikes.

If a station is overcrowded, you can park and return your bike within a radius of about 20 m around the station sign.

If you park your rental bike outside the radio range of approx. 20 m you will be charged a penalty fee.

Overfilled as well as empty stations will be redistributed regularly by a service team of nextbike.

In case of acute problems please contact the service provider directly, via hotline or e-mail kundenservice@nextbike. de. For suggestions and criticism you can contact verkehr@asta-giessen. de.

German cities where you can use Nextbikes:

– Bike sharing in nuremberg


Das AStA-Büro bleibt freitags bis auf Weiteres geschlossen.

Das AStA-Büro ist wieder für den Publikumsverkehr geöffnet. Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihr freiwillig Maske tragt. Falls die Tür nicht automatisch öffnet, bitte bei „AStA“ klingeln.

Montag bis Donnerstag jeweils von 9:30 – 13:30 Uhr

Telefonisch sind wir in dieser Zeit unter 0641-9914800 erreichbar.


Die Rechtsberatung bei Frau Klemm (dienstags) fällt am 15.08. und 23.08. urlaubsbedingt aus.

Die Sprechstunde bei Frau Eue am 06.09. muss ausnahmsweise auf die Zeit von 15:00 – 16:00 Uhr verschoben werden.

Https://www. asta-giessen. de/en/leihraeder/

How long can you reserve a nextbike

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

Together with VAG Freiburg, we have opened seven stations in the western outskirts of Freiburg and are testing their profitability until the end of the year.

    Munzingen Tiengen Opfingen St. Nikolaus Waltershofen Hochdorf and Umkirch.

There will also be a test station at Eugen-Keidel-Bad in Freiburg.

The test phase will be running until the end of the year. If the stations are well received, they will remain in the future.

So jump on your bikes! Your Nextbike Team

About us

Nextbike by TIER is the European market leader in bike sharing and stands for a multimodal and socially fair transport transformation. In over 300 locations in more than 20 countries, nextbike by TIER has established bike sharing as an elementary component of livable cities and regions. Integrated into public transport, the company offers millions of users the ideal means of transport for their daily needs with pedal bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes. nextbike by TIER is a brand of TIER Mobility SE, the world’s leading shared micro-mobility provider.

Https://www. frelo-freiburg. de/en/news/teststationen-freiburg/

Bike sharing in the Ruhr Area

Welcome to metropolradruhr. Get information about tariffs, how it works and news.

Metropolradruhr is available in the following cities:

Ideal for residents and commuters

Take the bike from the train station to the office or if the last bus is long gone or simply abandon your car for once – be flexible with metropolradruhr and cover your last mile cross-city between public transport station and destination. Bikes can be rented and returned in all cities of metropolradruhr.

Become part of the team

Apply now and support our local metropolradruhr team.
Our job offers.

Ideal for visitors

Visitors to the Ruhr Area can cycle along the touristic theme road Route of Industrial Heritage along a total of 700 km of cycle paths to the most interesting industrial monuments in the region. If you don’t feel like a whole tour, you can move flexibly by bike between accommodation, theatre, Weiberfastnacht or one of the numerous festivals. Essen should not be forgotten as European Capital of Culture 2010 and European Green Capital 2017.

Signed up once you can use all nextbike affiliated bike sharing schemes in more than 200 cities worldwide.

Rent bikes easily via smartphone app, website or hotline.

Our well trained service teams check and maintain our fleets on a daily basis.

Students of cooperating unis and colleges get up to 30 minutes for free.

Subscribers and members of cooperating partners enjoy concessions.

Our bikes are made in Germany and comply with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations.

Best Deal:

The monthly rate is just perfect for communters and regular customers. 30 minutes of each rental are included.

All tariffs at a glance.

10€ / Month

30Min / Free

Metropolradruhr news

Get the nextbike app!

Get the nextbike app!

Get the nextbike app!

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

About us

Nextbike by TIER is the European market leader in bike sharing and stands for a multimodal and socially fair transport transformation. In over 300 locations in more than 20 countries, nextbike by TIER has established bike sharing as an elementary component of livable cities and regions. Integrated into public transport, the company offers millions of users the ideal means of transport for their daily needs with pedal bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes. nextbike by TIER is a brand of TIER mobility SE, the world’s leading shared micro-mobility provider.

Https://www. metropolradruhr. de/en/

General Terms and conditions

Nextbike by TIER is the European market leader in bike sharing and stands for a multimodal and socially fair transport transformation. In over 300 locations in more than 20 countries, nextbike by TIER has established bike sharing as an elementary component of livable cities and regions. Integrated into public transport, the company offers millions of users the ideal means of transport for their daily needs with pedal bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes. nextbike by TIER is a brand of TIER mobility SE, the world’s leading shared micro-mobility provider.

Https://www. kvv-nextbike. de/en/terms/

Avis Germany and Nextbike Partner to Make Travel Seamless

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

Oberursel, September 9, 2018 – Avis Car Rental Germany, the mobility solutions company, has partnered with nextbike, the leading provider of bike sharing in Europe, to expand its mobility portfolio, offering Germans multi-modal options to get from point a to point b.

Starting in September, 100 nextbikes each with the slogan “Wenn der Weg mal weiter ist…” and the Avis Germany logo will drive through the streets in Leipzig, Cologne and Dortmund to promote the partnership.

Nextbike customers will be able to book their Avis Germany rental through the bike sharing company‘s website and after booking they can enjoy a 15 percent discount on their car rental. They will also have access to various regional or seasonal offers from Avis Germany made available through the nextbike app.

In addition, customers can pick up or drop off bikes at the nextbike rental points located at Avis Germany stations in Leipzig, Cologne and Dortmund. The station locations will be displayed in the nextbike app as Avis nextbike. Those customers who are heading to pick up their car rental or dropping off their car from the Avis nextbike locations, who have the nextbike app installed and registered, will also receive 30 minutes riding time for free*.

“Consumers are increasingly using on-demand services to get from A to B. From scooters, delivery vans, cars – and bicycles”, said Martin Gruber, Managing Director of Avis for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic. “As one of the leading mobility service providers, integrated solutions are of great importance to us because we know that the journey often does not end when the car is parked. By partnering with nextbike, our customers can choose a bike for the short distance and a rental car for the long distance, or a combination of the two”.

Martin Gruber is convinced that the mobility of the future will be fully networked, integrated and available on demand. As a mobility company, Avis Germany is committed to this change and this partnership is another step in the journey.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Über Avis
Die Avis Autovermietung betreibt eine der weltweit bekanntesten Marken der Autovermietbranche mit etwa 5.500 Stationen in fast 180 Ländern. Avis steht für eine lange Historie von Innovationen in der Mietwagenbranche und ist eine der weltweit stärksten Marken für Kundenbindung. Avis gehört zur Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), die die Marke weltweit betreibt und lizenziert. Weitere Informationen unter http://www. avis. com.

In Deutschland bewegt Avis seit 1965 Menschen – mit aktuell rund 330 Stationen. Einzigartig sind die Spezialflotten “Avis Prestige” und “Avis Select Series”. Als exklusiver Mietwagenpartner von Porsche bietet Avis die verschiedensten Modelle des Stuttgarter Sportwagenbauers in Deutschland unter “Avis Prestige” an. Mit der “Avis Select Series” wird den Kunden die direkte Buchung von beliebten Modellen wie beispielsweise dem Ford Mustang oder dem VW Golf R ermöglicht.

Https://avisbudgetgroup. com/avis-germany-and-nextbike-partner-to-make-travel-seamless/

Bicycling in Leipzig

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

Bicycles are not only popular as recreational and sporting equipment, but also as a practical daily means of transportation. In the city centre, it is not only the fastest means of getting from one point to another, but the one that best contributes to Leipzig’s climate control efforts.

In the long run, the percentage of those who use bicycles as a means of transportation in Leipzig needs to increase. To this end, efforts are constantly being undertaken to improve the safety and attractiveness of Leipzig’s bike lanes, as well as to improve services related to cycling.

Bicycle Rental Stations

Nextbike’s bicycle rental stations in Leipzig. The bicycle rental operation is a cooperative effort on the part of the Leipzig Transport Authority (LVB), the Leipzig Municipal Utility Company (Stadtwerke Leipzig) and nextbike. Many nextbike stations can be found in the vicinity of LVB stops in Leipzig. At www. nextbike. de, there is an overview of exactly where available rental bicycles are located and ready to be put into service.

Leipzig’s „Project Bike Stands“ (Leipziger Bügel)

– Bike sharing in nuremberg

Leipzig’s „Project Bike Stands“ has, in the past few years, provided more and more bicycle parking spaces. In the city centre alone, more than 1000 such bike stands have been put in place. With the renovations of the Leipzig University on the Augustusplatz, two bicycle parking garages with 600 to 1000 spaces were constructed. At the Knauthain train station, four „bicycle boxes“ have been installed for bicycle parking. The installation of bicycles stands of the make „Leipziger Bügel“ can be requested through the Transportation and Civil Engineering Office, which will also take over the planning, construction and ongoing maintenance of the stands.

Https://english. leipzig. de/environment-and-transport/getting-around-in-leipzig/bicycling-in-leipzig


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– Bike sharing in nuremberg

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